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At Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs we take environmental responsibility seriously. We use the latest technology and refinish materials in order to minimize environmental impact, so when it came to meeting new environmental bodyshop regulations we were one of the first accident repair centres in Ireland to obtain our operating licence.


Under the EU Decopiants Directive anyone refinishing cars must be licensed by their local authority and adopt compliant materials, technology and working practices.


In the case of Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs we have one of the most environmentally friendly spraybooths available, we also have special preparation bays with air extraction, use only compliant high solids or waterbased paints, and use the latest transfer efficient spray equipment. This, coupled with specially developed environmentally friendly working practices makes Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs new premises one of the greenest bodyshops in Ireland.


Remember it is now unlawful to carry out vehicle refinishing on non-compliant premises.If your car needs repair work make sure you select a licensed serviced provider such as Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs.

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