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Air Conditioning Service:

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Once only seen on luxury cars, most newer models now have an air-conditioning system.

These sophisticated systems can add greatly to driving comfort when performing well,

but like any advanced automotive system they need to be checked and maintained regularly

to ensure effective operation. Poorly performing air-conditioning systems can affect driver

and passenger comfort, increase fuel consumption, will increase the risk of health problems

due to a build up of bacteria in the air supply and can even impact on safety.

At Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs we have recently invested in specialist air conditioning

system to recharge equipment and have well trained staff who have great expertise

in this field. They can assist with all your air con re-gas requirements.

Car air conditioning systems should be checked and tested every year and fully serviced

every two years, replacing filters, driers and refrigerants where required. Failure to do this

can mean:
     - Reduced visibility due to misted up windscreens causing safety issues.
     - Driver lethargy and lack of concentration.
     - Increased driver and passenger stress on hot days.
     - The risk of bacteria, fungi and viruses spreading through the car ventilation system.
     - Expensive system failure.
At Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs our expert technicians can ensure optimum performance

of your car air con system using advanced equipment from specialist supplier Brain Bee.

The CLIMA-8500 EVO unit ensures fast, safe and effective servicing and maintenance of any

air conditioning system. It has an up to the minute database of specific recharging parameters for every car on the market and can even print out completed maintenance records. Our advanced equipment fully conforms to all EU quality, environmental and safety
regulations and all our technicians have F-gas training, which is a legal requirement for this type of work. Get your air conditioning system serviced and you will immediately notice the difference and get all the long term benefits of better in-car air.

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